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Maxime Herkunft Rheinhessen e.V. was formed in 2017 as the grown-up successor organisation to the Rheinhessen young winemakers' association "Message in a Bottle". The current 102 Maxime members reflect the very top of the wine region's estates and  include all members of the VDP Rheinhessen. Like probably no other winegrowers' association in Germany, we connect the region's leading wineries with up-and-coming winemaking talent. The common guiding principle for all members is the consistent application of the three-tier classification model of estate, local and site wines for the binding and comprehensible categorisation of wine quality.

Trauben Lese
Böden Herkunft


The Maxime Herkunft Rheinhessen association is the private-law initiative of Rheinhessen's leading estates and cooperative, but independent of associations and state institutions. Our members are committed to raising the profile of Germany's largest wine region. They stand for wines with a character of origin that lead the way in dynamism and wine quality. "What unites us is our obsession with quality," describes chairman Johannes Geil-Bierschenk, looking at the assembly. "We are true heads of character, strive for precision in craftsmanship, seek individual expression in our soils in order to reflect it later in the glass and pursue a common mission as ambassadors of flavour for our region - we see ourselves as its driving force and voice and work tirelessly to promote Rheinhessen's expression and reputation in the wine world."


The model of estate, local and site wines has established itself, initially within the VDP and now nationwide, as a sustainable and comprehensible classification model for German wines. It enables a more comprehensible and clearer differentiation of the various wine qualities than all other classifications and is recognised by consumers and experts alike. Our mission statement therefore includes the consistent application of the quality pyramid as a recognised, valuable and tangible classification of wine quality to sharpen the profile of Rheinhessen as a wine region.

LAGENWEINE are born in the best vineyards in our growing region. Only the best individual vineyards in a district with historical, climatic and geological characteristics bear the vineyard designation on the label. Site wines are the highest quality representatives within a winery - there is only one site wine per grape variety per site and flavour corridor. The authorised varieties are Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Frühburgunder, Silvaner and Chardonnay. Greatly reduced yields and selective harvesting are prerequisites for these wines:Yield max. 55 hl/ha / marketing from 01 September

Qualitätspyramide Lagenweine


ORTSWEINE come from the best vineyards within a locality. They are ambassadors of the respective terroir. Traditional grape varieties typical of the region and reduced harvest yields are prerequisites for these wines: yield of max. 75 hl/ha / marketing from 1 April

Qualitätspyramide Ortswein


GUTSWEINE are the entry point into the quality hierarchy of our members, which is characterised by origin. They are the winery's calling card.

Qualitätspyramide Gutswein


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